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The Journal of Buddhist Thought and Culture. Vol. 14, No. 1, 2022

A Study on the Propagation Policy of the Jogye Order:
대한불교조계종 통합종단 60주년 포교의 회고:
J. Buddh. Thought Cult. 2022;14(1):1-29.
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The Present and Future Prospects of the Buddhist Temple: Focused on the Public Opinion Poll of Buddhist Lay
사찰의 현재와 미래 인식에 대한 재가자 기초 조사
J. Buddh. Thought Cult. 2022;14(1):30-72.
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Relation between Respect for Life of Buddhism and Organ Donation
불교의 생명존중사상과 장기기증의 관계
J. Buddh. Thought Cult. 2022;14(1):73-98.
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The Effects of Mandala Art Therapy for Couples in Crisis:
위기 부부 대상 만다라 미술치료의 효과:
J. Buddh. Thought Cult. 2022;14(1):99-132.
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