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The Journal of Buddhist Thought and Culture. Vol. 9, 2017

Buddha in Garland Sutra of the Great Universal Buddha
화엄에서의 불(佛)
J. Buddh. Thought Cult. 2017;9:9-45.
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The Significance of Buddha Image in Buddhist Rituals
불교의례에서의 불상의 의미
J. Buddh. Thought Cult. 2017;9:47-80.
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The Sublimity of the Statue of Buddha, the Meanings and Characteristics of Bulokjang
불상의 장엄, 불복장의 의미와 특징
J. Buddh. Thought Cult. 2017;9:81-118.
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The World of Buddha and Bodhisattva Expressed in Dancheong
단청장엄으로 표현한 불보살의 세계
J. Buddh. Thought Cult. 2017;9:119-174.
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A Study of enlightenment hierarchic in Buddhist buildings of Korea
사찰 건축물과 불의 위계
J. Buddh. Thought Cult. 2017;9:175-235.
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On Materials Related to Roof-end Tiles Bearing Buddhist Images in China and Japan
中·日의 佛像紋수막새와 關連資料에 대하여
J. Buddh. Thought Cult. 2017;9:239-287.
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