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The Journal of Buddhist Thought and Culture. Vol. 12, No. 2, 2020

Cheonghu-Hyujeong’s Sonpung and Succession
청허 휴정의 선풍과 계승
J. Buddh. Thought Cult. 2020;12(2):1-59.
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The Teachings of Buddhist Practice of the Master Cheong-heo Hyu-jeong
청허 휴정의 수행론
J. Buddh. Thought Cult. 2020;12(2):60-97.
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The Buddhist Historical Value of Ch’ǒnghǒ Hyuchǒng (淸虛休靜)
淸虛 休靜의 佛敎史的 價値
J. Buddh. Thought Cult. 2020;12(2):98-133.
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Viewing the Buddhist Monk Sooin based on Factual Contents and Representation
사실과 재현의 관점에서 수인스님 다시보기
J. Buddh. Thought Cult. 2020;12(2):134-178.
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The Meaning and Role of Religion in Covid-19’s Situation
‘코로나19’ 상황에서 종교의 의미와 역할
J. Buddh. Thought Cult. 2020;12(2):179-210.
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